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Reverend Thomas G. Ashford, Jr. is the Senior Pastor of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. and has been its shepherd for over thirty plus years.


He is a graduate of Carver Bible College and Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, Georgia. Born into a family rich in musical talent, he has been around vocal talent most of his life. His father, Deacon Thomas G. Ashford, Sr., taught him how to sing, and he traveled with his father’s gospel group at an early age. As an adult, he continued in his father’s footsteps and formed a gospel group consisting of four young singers: Dorothy Smith, Venessa Stokes, Jocylene Hall, and Rudean Hall – “The Ashford Ensemble.” They performed together for thirteen years. Also he was the directing four church choirs – before being elected as pastor of New Jerusalem MBC: they were; Fellowship Baptist Church – Rev. Grant Benjamin, Mt. Ephraim – Pastor Rev. R. L. White, Greater St. John Baptist Church – under the late Rev. J.H. Sims, and Saint Paul Baptist Church – Pastor C. E. Taylor.


In 1985, he hosted a gospel radio show on WYZE and WTJH in East Point, GA. Pastor Ashford is a dynamic preacher, speaker, and biblical teacher of the word of God. In 1984, God gifted him with the ability to discern biblical teaching hidden within ordinary words. The manifestation of the gift came through the word faith which he heard in his spirit – Falling All In Thy Hands. At the time, he didn’t understand why that phrase came into his mind, but he had been studying about faith for his next sermon when it happened. Later on, he realized that when we are truly exercising faith in our lives, we are metaphorically laying all of our trust in God as if we were falling into His hands, knowing He will catch and protect us.